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The Chimera

"in the 'now i remember why it takes so long to make a record department': so we had this song that everyone liked, a real pretty slow song called '7 sisters' (a working title that wouldn't have lasted)...we started to record it but i pulled it because it was too familiar/obvious. I told Nicole and Mike i wanted to write one more anthemic type song if i could, and came up even with a title for a song that didn't exist, 'chimera' yesterday i finally started to write 'chimera' in the morning, and ended up putting in parts if not all of '7 sisters' into 'chimera', albeit at a much faster tempo. at first the pieces fit together awkwardly, but in time it made more and more sense. played it for the band and bjorn and everyone really liked it, and we strted playing it fast and heavy but it was just again, too obvious and didn't really feel like SP, although all agreed it was a style issue, not a song issue. I told Mike that back in the day we'd encounter this problem all the time, and would end up shifting to more heavy half-time feels, even though i wanted the song fast. we played it at the half-feel for a bit, which was infinitely cooler, but not what i wanted. eventually we settled on a faster half-feel to start and when it hits what used to be the verse of '7 sisters' it goes back to a straight feel...voila! anthem for a new disenfranchised" -BC, facebook post 2011/05/27

"We were recording drums for something else, and there was a problem with the snare drum. I had 10 minutes where I was just standing there with a guitar around my neck, so I started playing a riff. Mike just went, 'Oh, man, I love that riff!' I was like, 'Really?' So to be a show-off, I quickly arranged it into a song. Mike was all for it, and within a week we were recording it.

"A few people have asked me what it's like having a 20-something in the band. Does it have an influence? In this case, I would say absolutely, because it's a song I might not have done without Mike's encouragement.

"That being said, once you go into that riffy, exploding tower, then it's all into the bag of tricks to make it work, because without that it sounds pretty basic. You know, we're laughing while we learn these songs because we've got so many fucking overdubs! [laughs] And everything's harmonized. It's not enough to just have the one, you've gotta have four." -BC, MusicRadar interview, 2012/06/13



Fairy tales and time in whales
Substitutes for sin
It takes some life to find the light within
Whistle past the lane lover
Whistle past the lane
Cause love's forever strange
Nestle on the moon, sunshine
Nestle on the moon
Should you hear that faint murmur
Of what love might do
Seven stars that shine
In my mind, oh my mind
I'll take you with me where I climb
In my mind, oh my mind

And if I'm wrong I'm right
I'm never gonna lose you
If I'm wrong I'm right
Take me to your life

Summertime's the only child
Summertime's the only child this night
You want to brace the golden fool
Let's make this right

Nightengales and nursery crimes
Twins that spark the charts
It takes some trust to find a trust apart
Whistle past the lane lover
Whistle past the lane
Cause love's forever strange
Nestle on the sun, starlight
Nestle on the sun
Should you hear the faint murmur
Of what love has done

Seven stars that weep
In my sleep, oh in my sleep
I'll take you with me where I keep
In my sleep, oh in my sleep
And if I'm wrong I'm right
I'm never gonna lose you
If I'm wrong I'm right
Take me to your life

All you need is you, lover
All you need is you
All you need is you, lover
So please need me too
What you need is love, stranger
What you need is love
When your love needs it's danger
Please let me through when I've got you

Alt. Titles/Lyrics

7 Sisters


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BMI Number

Writing Credits
Billy Corgan



Oceania track Billy mentioned on his facebook page 2011/05/27. Evolved from a song called "7 Sisters".

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