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Light Into Dark

Album / Compilation

Format DOR Label ID Origin    
LP 1989-04-12 Halo Records Halo 1001 US [1]  
CD 2002-03-17 Halo Records Halo 2002 US [2]  
Tracks of Interest

1. Sevenletters - Gone By Dawn   4:04   [1]   [2]  
2. My Dahlia   3:52   [1]   [2]  
3. Ghost Swami - Beggar Man   2:47   [1]   [2]  
4. Price of Priesthood - Blood Money   4:59   [1]   [2]  
5. Gold September - I'm Not Happy   3:42   [1]   [2]  
6. Poster Children - The Non-Reggae Song   2:10   [1]   [2]  
7. Ghost Swami - Supermarket Candle Jesus   5:33   [1]   [2]  
8. Price of Priesthood - Party in the Temple   3:50   [1]   [2]  
9. Poster Children - Question   3:19   [1]   [2]  
10. Gold September - Dorian   3:06   [1]   [2]  
11. Sun   6:01   [1]   [2]  

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  • Released in April of 1989, this LP is the first vinyl appearance of the band.
  • This is the only official appearance of these two songs. ("Sun" on The Smashing Pumpkins self-released tape is a different mix).
  • Other bands include Ghost Swami, Gold September and Poster Children.
  • The original release of the vinyl also included an 6 page promotional pamphlet (8 pages, if you count the front and back cover), that includes info on all the bands featured on the Light into Dark compilation.

    The page on Smashing Pumpkins is laid out as follows:
    The Smashing Pumpkins (with unique "leaf" logo)

    My Dahlia
    Corgan, Iha


    Billy Corgan -- guitar, vocal
    James Iha -- guitar, vocal
    Darcy Wretzky -- bass
    Jimmy Chamberlin -- drums

    Produced by Billy Corgan
    Engineered by Mark Ignoffo
    Mixed by Billy Corgan, Mark Ignoffo
    Recorded at REEL TIME STUDIOS

    "Wir mussen durch viel trubsal in das reich gottes eingehen" --
    translated "We all must bear such sorrow to enter God's kingdom"
    The back cover of the pamphlet has quotes from Barry Watterman, Joe Shanahan, Nick Miller and Octavia Kincaid, in regards to Chicago and its up-and-coming music scene. There is also an address to "submit material to Halo Records".

Pressing Info
  1. This LP was limited to 1000 copies on black vinyl.
    5 test pressings on black vinyl in paper sleeve.
  2. 1000 CDs pressed to commemorate the 13 year anniversary of the original Halo Records release party at the Cabaret Metro. The first 100 copies sold were signed and numbered.

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