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String Quartet Tribute to Smashing Pumpkins


Format DOR Label ID Origin    
CD 2007-06-26 Vitamin Records VIT-9486 US [1] buy []
Tracks of Interest

1. 1979       [1]  
2. Zero       [1]  
3. The Aeroplane Flies High       [1]  
4. Perfect       [1]  
5. I Am One       [1]  
6. Stand Inside Your Love       [1]  
7. Galapogos       [1]  
8. Eye       [1]  
9. Soma       [1]  
10. Today       [1]  
11. Starla       [1]  
12. The Prize Goes to The Ghost Children (Original composition inspired by the music of Smashing Pumpkins)       [1]  



    "Billy Corgan went from selling records at a Chicago record store to selling records as front man of the iconic Smashing Pumpkins. Influenced by metal, pop, and shoegazer rock, Smashing Pumpkins recorded an insular world of music that resonated with fans during alternative music’s heyday. Slivers of hope emboldened the powerful music crafted by the band. The underlying beauty of Smashing Pumpkins is given full play on this special tribute. The subtle nuance of violin, viola, and cello awaken the power and passion of such classic Corgan compositions as 1979, Zero, and Today. You’ll be in love with this sadness."

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