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Moon Demo

Album / Demo

Format DOR Label ID Origin    
CS 1989-xx-xx n/a n/a US [1]  

1. Honeyspider (alternate)   2:28   [1]  
2. With You   2:40   [1]  
3. Egg   2:21   [1]  
4. Rhinoceros (alternate)   5:20   [1]  
5. Bye June   2:09   [1]  
6. Stars Fall In   2:58   [1]  
7. Daughter   2:50   [1]  
8. Daydream   1:52   [1]  
9. Psychodelic   6:05   [1]  

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  • Self-released tape sold at early shows for $5.
  • J-card has lyrics for "Daydream" and a photocopied picture of the band. The picture is hand-colored with pink magic marker. All spellings of song titles are from the sleeve.
  • The title "Stars Fallin" is a misprint; the correct title is "Stars Fall In".

    Additional info from inside the sleeve:

    billy corgan - guitars, lead vocal
    james - guitars
    darcy - bass
    jimmy chamberlin - drums

    PRODUCED by Billy Corgan
    ENGINEERED by Mark Ignoffo
    At Reel Time Studios

    Mark also plays organ

    All songs by Corgan except Stars fallin by Corgan/Iha and daughter by Corgan/Wretzky (c) 1989 the smashing pumpkins

    eternal thanks to: chris, bob, cuz, vince, tory, nick, ian, and the cabaret metro.
    extra eternal thanks to the patient mark ignoffo.

Pressing Info
  1. ~500 cassettes with white paper j-card & handwritten labels

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