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Stand Inside Your Love


Format DOR Label ID Origin    
CD 2000-02-14 Hut Records DPRO 14932 UK [1]  
CD 2000-02-14 Virgin Records DPRO-14932 / 7087 6 14932 2 1 US [2]  
CD (CDr) 2000-02-14 Hut Records - UK [3]  
12" 2000-02-xx Hut Records HUTTP127 UK [4]  
VHS (PAL) 2000-xx-xx Oil Factory ltd PROMO VIDEO UK [5]  

1. Stand Inside Your Love       [1]   [2]   [3]   [4]   [5]  
2. Call Out Hook       -   [2]   [3]   -   -  
3. The Everlasting Gaze       -   [2]   [3]   -   -  
4. Speed Kills       -   -   -   [4]   -  


    1. Released in card sleeve. Artwork on sleeve resembles the corner of a old book. Front, bottom left has a white sticker pasted on the card with "Appearing 14-FEB-00 0171-402 2334". Back has the following text: "This is the first track from the Smashing Pumpkins forthcoming album "MACHINA / the machines of God" - released worldwide on 28th February. The band's fifth album sees the return after 3 years of drummer Jimmy Chamberlin and follows the 1998 album "Adore" which sold over 3 million copies & was nominated for a Grammy. With the addition of new bass player Melissa Auf Der Maur (ex-hole) the Pumpkins will spend the next 18 months on a world tour & are currently completing a sold out Theatre tour of Europe. They play London's Dominion Theatre on Saturday 22nd January." CD is completely silver on both sides save some silver writing and the band's name in red.
    2. In CD case. Front cover the same as [1] except that the song's lyrics are partly written in the bottom left corner. Back features more lyrics written in the top left corner.
    3. 1-track promo CDr wrapped in paper sleeve, inside a soft plastic envelope. Sticker on outside of evelope dates the release as '14-FEB'00'.
    4. 12" white label promo on black vinyl, in black cardboard sleeve with identifying black sticker.
    5. Scarce UK promotional only Oil Factory ltd PAL video featuring 'A W.I.Z. Music Film', custom picture sleeve insert.

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