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The Smashing Pumpkins

Album / Demo

Format DOR Label ID Origin    
CS 1989-03-28 n/a US [1]  

1. Jennifer Ever   3:44   [1]  
2. East   4:12   [1]  
3. Nothing and Everything   6:04   [1]  
4. Sun (remix)   5:30   [1]  
5. She (live)   4:17   [1]  
6. Spiteface   4:39   [1]  




  • Self-released tape sold at early shows. Artwork by Billy Corgan.

    Info from inside the sleeve:
    produced by quentin sanbria and billy corgan.
    engineered by paul chabala.
    recorded at schwa productions.
    ©copyright 1989 the smashing pumpkins
  • There are conflicting stories as to whether the artwork was done by Billy Corgan or James Iha. I tend to believe it was Iha, as he was a graphic design student before joining the band.
  • The tape was produced with different color j-cards. Green, red and pink j-cards have been verified.
  • There are different "versions" of the handwritten labels. Some were done by Billy himself, while others were done by unknown parties. At least one version has been documented where both sides of the label were written by different people.

Pressing Info
  1. ~500 cassettes with paper j-card & hand written labels

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