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Redrum review
by Sachin Bansal
The inside front cover reads "In memory of Jonathan Melvoin. Thanks to: Kenneth, Kimba, Matt, Stuppy, and the Pool Dude. Special thanks to: Bri and Mr. Whiskers" The CD itself reads: "Just Say No."

I was immediately disappointed with the lack of creative artwork on the CD, but I later realized that it was unimportant. I was absolutely disgusted at the name of the CD, entitled "Redrum". Jonathan Melvoin, the late 34 year-old touring keyboardist for the MCIS tour, died from a potent mixture of alcohol and heroin, specifically a substance known as Red Rum. I was highly disappointed that the company dedicated the CD in Joanthan's memory, yet titled that CD with the substance that killed him. I'm not entirely sure on the statement they are trying to make, I doubt it's a postive one.

But then I reason that the music on the CD was far more important than the political analyzations I was making. The tracklisting on the back was entirely incorrect. The seventh track, listed as "Geek U.S.A." is actually a continuation of track six, "Porcelina of the Vast Oceans". At the end of the continuation on track 7, track 8 begins and it is "Rocket" as listed. After about four minutes into "Rocket", the song ends and "Thru the Eyes of Ruby" begins on the 8th track. 'Ruby' is listed as the ninth track, but the ninth track is "Geek U.S.A.", the originally listed 7th track. The 11th track, listed as "Cherub Rock" is incorrect. The 11th is actually a continuation of "Siva" from track 10, and then after "Siva", "Cherub Rock" , still on the 11th. The 13th track is a continuation of "Mayonaise", but the continuation is only :40! The rest of the CD follows the very much jumbled and interlayed tracklisting.

All the songs in the CD are badly formatted. Some of the songs are overlapped in the same track as mentioned above, decreasing the ease of having the show on a compact disc, and an analog copy of this show seems to be a better choice.
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