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Alex Jones Show - 2012-03-??
Alex Jones
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Billy Corgan on the Alex Jones Show in March 2012 in Austin, Texas, USA.

While Billy Corgan was in Austin, Texas for the 2012 SXSW Festival, he sat down with Alex Jones for a one-hour interview in early March. If you are not familiar with Alex Jones, he is a prominent figure in alternative news media. He hosts several shows and fervently discusses civil liberties issues, the misuse of government power, corporate deception and the Globalist agenda.

Over the course of this interview, Billy Corgan and Alex Jones consider a vast array of topics. They discuss corporate influence in music, societal changes, the lack of dissent, deviations in the traditional concept of the political spectrum, the importance of debates, and spiritual understanding and consciousness as an answer to artificial systems. Overall, the main point of the discussion is to establish that constructively debating alternative views is essential to greater dialogue. Furthermore, they believe that deliberations on alternate views should not be immediately stifled or marginalized.

In terms of music and the focal point of many of his speeches at SXSW, Billy mentions how corporate interests have fundamentally changed how music is created and how people respond to it. To him, the mass commercialization of music had led to a situation where people cannot emotionally connect to it anymore. Music does not seem to have the same level of cultural impact when it is inauthentic in nature. He asserts that he is a part of a movement where artistic expression and integrity is at the core of the music.

Billy also comments on how corporate driven interests have negatively affected society as a whole. He sees the pervasiveness of corporate values as a primary agent in the dilapidation of communal-oriented structures. At the same time, technological advancements have encouraged individualistic lifestyles and further isolation. As a performer, he has noticed drastic changes in the audience over the years. He feels that people are no longer hungry for new knowledge and are definitely not interested in hearing alternative views. To him, the role of the entertainer as an agent of social change has been purposely diminished. Both Billy and Alex think that it is important for the younger generation to direct energy towards innovation, helping others, and preserving freedoms and liberties. Billy also pushes people to question the media's one-dimensional dialogues and any issue that has strong corporate backing.

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