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4.5 Bootlegs

A bootleg can refer to one of two things: 
1) an audience recording, traded around by fellow fans, or 
2) a CD manufactured by a company not connected to the band, containing
live or unreleased studio tracks.  

In both cases, the band makes no profit from these, while in the latter case, 
someone else -does-.  CD boots, often listed as "imports", generally run for 
$20-30, and can be somewhat difficult to track down (i.e. you won't find them 
at any large chain stores).  Historically, tapes recorded by fans were most
often traded for other tapes, although some traders sold their tapes at cost,
or offered them for "blanks and postage" (B&P).

As of June 2007, the Pumpkins are officially an "open taping" band, and live
audience recordings from any era can be shared on the Live Music Archive at:

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