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4.4 Videos

The Pumpkins have released 3 videos: Vieuphoria, Greatest Hits Video
Collection: 1991-2000, and If All Goes Wrong. See the discography for
more information:

There are music videos out for the following songs:
Gish: I Am One; Siva; Rhinoceros
Siamese Dream: Cherub Rock; Disarm; Today; Rocket
Mellon Collie: Bullet with Butterfly Wings; 1979; Zero; Tonight, Tonight; Thirty-Three
Adore-era: The End is the Beginning is the End; Ava Adore; Perfect
Machina: The Everlasting Gaze; Stand Inside Your Love; Try, Try, Try
Zeitgeist-era: Tarantula; That's the Way (My Love Is), Superchrist, G.L.O.W
Teargarden by Kaleidyscope: Owata

Brief descriptions of the videos: 

     I Am One - remained unreleased until the "Greatest Hits" video in 2001.

     Siva - band playing in a room, candles, flowers, weird makeup, etc. 

     Rhinoceros - band sitting & playing different instruments in a room, 
     D'Arcy bouncing a ball, reverse footage, ornate fountains, & shots of the
     members outside 

     Cherub Rock - band playing outside in the dark by some trees, weird color
     effects, lighting diagrams, etc. 

     Disarm - black & white, closeups of members playing, aerial shots of
     buildings, etc. Includes cellist Eric Remschneider.

     Today - Billy drives through a desert in an ice cream truck, picks up
     James (wearing a dress), stops at a gas station & finds other 2 members;
     they paint the truck all funky & then drive off, leaving Billy 

     Rocket - a few kids build a rocket out of junk, blast off from their back
     yard, and land on another planet to find SP as an elderly band 

     Bullet - band plays on a stage in the middle of a dry dirt field full of
     dirty workers.  Billy has on the infamous Zero shirt & silver pants 

     1979 - shows a bunch of kids driving around, going to a party (at which
     SP is playing), wreaking havoc, and ransacking a convenience store 

     Zero - dark colors, strange-looking people in odd makeup, closeups of
     band, etc.  Includes MCIS-era keyboardist Jonathan Melvoin.

     Tonight Tonight - made to look like an old movie (flickery lights, etc.)
     includes recreation of George Melies' 1902 film "A Trip to the Moon", one
     of the first films to use special effects. The video won 6 MTV Video Music
     Awards in 1996 and was nominated for a Grammy in 1996 for Best Short Form
     Music Video.

     Thirty-Three - various shots done in stop-motion style, creating a jerky
     effect.  Includes Billy by sunset and painting, and trio in suits 

     TEITBITE - space-age costumes & props, members floating around, with
     shots from Batman and Robin in the background. 

     Ava Adore - band is dressed up in Gothic costumes (Billy with long gown, 
     heavy red eye make-up and white face...).  Camera follows them through 
     different rooms in a single, uninterrupted long take at varying camera
     speeds, creating interesting effects.
     Perfect - a so-called sequel to the 1979 video.  A girl gets pregnant,
     a guy tapes the Pumpkins playing at a party, the tape falls off his car
     when driving (a reference to the real footage for the 1979 being lost),
     and he gets in an accident.

     The Everlasting Gaze - takes place in a parking-garage-like environment 
     with green astroturf carpeting. The video concludes with the band members
     smashing their instruments into pieces.

     Stand Inside Your Love - Done in an old black-and-white silent film style,
     features a woman (played by Corgan's then-girlfriend, Yelena Yemchuk)
     dancing for by a fat king, and the band all wearing large hooped black
     dresses. Said to be a tribute to Oscar Wilde's play "Salomé".

     Try, Try, Try - Follows the life of a teenage drug addict couple living on 
     the street.

     Untitled - Two versions exist- one, a montage of footage of the band from
     1988-2000, as released by TV stations and online portals in 2001, and
     another of the band playing at the CRC, their usual studio, released on the
     Greatest Hits video that same year.

     Tarantula - The official video includes the band dressed in white, with
     several extras, green-screened over a psychedelic color-changing
     background. Later, the raw green-screen footage was released, allowing
     fans to make their own version of the video for a contest- 2 winners and
     a runner-up were chosen by the band.

     That's the Way - Billy follows a woman around in a dull, grey futuristic
     world; the band see each other on videophone screens, then all drive off
     in various retro-futuristic vehicles & play on a floating platform.

     Superchrist - Billy and Jimmy play along with Gary and Sky Saxon, several
     women dressed as nurses (including Linda Strawberry and photographer
     Kristin Burns) photograph and inject Sky Saxon. Porn star Sasha Grey
     appears as a dancer.

     G.L.O.W. - the band (Billy, Jimmy, Jeff, Ginger, & Gingger Shankar) play
     at a club party event, people in giant rabbit masks play tennis.

     Owata - follows 2 female wrestlers and their manager. A longer "short film"
     version includes a story & dialogue. First music video shot on the Red Epic
     M camera, also used by famous film directors Peter Jackson & James Cameron.

Most of the videos can be viewed on YouTube, either by general search, or on the
Pumpkins' VEVO channel:

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