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2.1b 'Mashed Potatoes' box set

In 1998, the 'Mashed Potatoes' 5 CDr box set was  one of the heavily discussed 
topics on the newsgroup.  The 'Mashed Potatoes' box set is a set of CDRs that 
Billy gave to a select group of people circa 1994, and contains live and
unreleased songs from 1990 to 1992 or so.

In 1998, seventeen songs from the 'Mashed Potatoes' set were encoded in Real 
Audio format and posted on a website for a few hours. As of 2007, the entire
set is available in high-quality mp3 if you look for it.

There is a separate FAQ (though now outdated) dedicated to answering your
Mashed Potatoes box set. It is available here:

Also see the bootlist entry, which contains a full tracklist and notes:

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