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2.1c Internet releases: Gravity Demos, F&EOMM , Machina II

Machina II/ the friends and enemies of modern music:
On September 5, 2000, the band released a very limited (25 copies) set of LPs 
to some of their friends. The official release was named "machina II/the 
friends and enemies of modern music". There were no plans to release the music 
on pressed CDs, but the band encouraged fans, and those that could, to help
distribute the music online. Since it was a vinyl-only release, there are
several transfers available of varying sound quality. These are:

 "34" rip- first rip available, done by Eric Agnew on his home stereo. Plays
    slightly faster than 33rpm
 SPIFC rip- rip done by the SPIFC on slightly better equipment, also distributed
    on CDRs (at cost)
 Q101 rip- rip done by Chicago radio station Q101
 Virgin rip- rip done by Virgin records, also pressed into promo CDs

This official release is not to be confused with a previous unofficial release 
given to online fans. This release was also called "Friends and Enemies of 
Modern Music", but it contains entirely different material. Please see below 
for more details. There is more information available on the official
release here:

Friends and Enemies of Modern Music and Billy's Gravity Demos I:
In July and August of 2000, the band unofficially released new and unheard 
music to their online fans. The mixture of live and studio material was given 
to an online fan on 2 cassette tapes, with instructions to distribute it. The 
soundboard and studio sourced material was treed in August 2000 and is now 
commonly available in high quality digital format.

For more information and exact track listings of each, follow these links:
Friends and Enemies of Modern Music|0||
Billy's Gravity Demos I|0||

There is also an archive of information about all unofficial releases available 

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