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It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n Roll) [AC/DC]
32 known performances (31 full, 1 tease):

2005-06-01 - Aula Magna; Lisbon, PT    [Billy Corgan] [Rec]
2005-06-04 - Sala Apolo; Barcelona, ES    [Billy Corgan]
2005-06-05 - (unknown venue); Milan, IT    [Billy Corgan]
2005-06-08 - Vooruit; Gent, BE    [Billy Corgan] [Rec/DL]
2005-06-09 - Paradiso; Amsterdam, NL    [Billy Corgan] [Rec/DL]
2005-06-10 - La Cigale; Paris, FR    [Billy Corgan] [Rec/DL]
2005-06-11 - Live Music Hall; Cologne, DE    [Billy Corgan] [Rec/DL]
2005-06-15 - London Forum; London, UK    [Billy Corgan]
2005-06-16 - London Forum; London, UK    [Billy Corgan]
2005-06-22 - Center Stage; Atlanta, GA, US    [Billy Corgan]
2005-06-24 - WUST Radio Music Hall; Washington, DC, US    [Billy Corgan] [Rec/DL]
2005-06-25 - Electric Factory; Philadelphia, PA, US    [Billy Corgan] [Rec/DL]
2005-06-27 - Webster Hall; New York City, NY, US    [Billy Corgan]
2005-06-28 - Webster Hall; New York City, NY, US    [Billy Corgan] [Rec/DL]
2005-06-30 - Avalon; Boston, MA, US    [Billy Corgan] [Rec/DL]
2005-07-02 - Carlu; Toronto, CA    [Billy Corgan] [Rec/DL]
2005-07-05 - Vic Theatre; Chicago, IL, US    [Billy Corgan] [Rec]
2005-07-06 - Vic Theatre; Chicago, IL, US    [Billy Corgan] [Rec]
2005-07-07 - Pageant; St. Louis, MO, US   (tease)    [Billy Corgan] [Rec/DL]
2005-07-08 - Gypsy Tea Room; Dallas, TX, US    [Billy Corgan] [Rec/DL]
2005-07-11 - SOMA (Sports Arena Blvd location); San Diego, CA, US    [Billy Corgan] [Rec]
2005-07-13 - Music Box Theatre; Los Angeles, CA, US    [Billy Corgan]
2005-07-15 - Fillmore; San Francisco, CA, US    [Billy Corgan]
2005-07-16 - Fillmore; San Francisco, CA, US    [Billy Corgan]
2005-07-19 - Commodore Ballroom; Vancouver, CA    [Billy Corgan]
2005-07-24 - St. James Theatre; Auckland, NZ    [Billy Corgan]
2005-07-27 - Enmore Theatre; Newtown, AU    [Billy Corgan]
2005-07-28 - Marquee Venue; Sydney, AU    [Billy Corgan] [Rec/DL]
2005-08-01 - Namba Hatch; Osaka, JP    [Billy Corgan]
2005-08-03 - Club Diamond Hall; Nagoya, JP    [Billy Corgan]
2005-08-04 - Shibuya-AX; Tokyo, JP    [Billy Corgan] [Rec/DL]
2005-08-05 - Shibuya-AX; Tokyo, JP    [Billy Corgan] [Rec/DL]

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