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Tour History

This is an archive of past concert dates, venues, and setlists for both the Smashing Pumpkins and Zwan, and their members' solo/side projects.

This section is organized by date; you can also view the tour history by song.

A good place to look for live recordings is the Live Music Archive, which has lossless versions as well as MP3s of many shows. Most shows with recordings available on the LMA will be linked on their respective tour history page.

The "Default" view is now set to display only SP, Zwan, and original members' solo/side projects while they were members (note: for this purpose, Jimmy Chamberlin Complex counts, since Jimmy was considered a member of SP/Zwan during that period). This means that any James Iha shows after 2000, Tinted Windows, and Skysaw will not appear in the default view. To look for such shows, either click that specific member/band or on "All Bands".

If you have information regarding shows or setlists that aren't listed here, please email us: To give information on recordings, email

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16 known shows

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