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The list is split up into eight categories, which should be mostly self-explanatory ("covers" refers to songs written by other bands & covered by TSP, Zwan, or a solo member, "side projects" are songs by other bands that had contributions by TSP members, or are mashups of TSP songs, etc.). Additionally, you can search by songwriter credits (note: these are based on BMI registration records where published, liner notes where not registered, and may be blank in other cases, even if "obvious"). Other writer credits (including co-writer searches, e.g. Billy + James) can be found by using the search page.

Once a song type or writer is chosen, "shortcut" links will appear underneath, which set certain commonly-used search criteria- the double pipes delimit sets that go together (i.e. "show/hide alt. titles", "show released/unreleased/all songs"). Due to limitations of the code, each song can currently only be assigned to one type, thus any non-released Zwan-era songs which Billy is using in his solo career will be listed under 'BC solo', just as some early Marked songs (i.e. Sun & Spiteface) were appropriated & used under TSP. So if you're browsing under Zwan & can't find something, check under BC solo, or switch to 'all songs'.

Most covers listed here contain the original lyrics. Some lyrics include stage banter from particular live performances. Notes and band comments are included where available.

Alternate and commonly used incorrect titles are marked with an asterisk (*) and point to another entry. Some of these entries may have different lyrics (i.e. "Disco King," "Virex," etc.), which are linked underneath the "normal" lyrics.

Search results  (JC Solo, hide Pastichio clips, hide alt. titles):
  1. Accelerator
  2. Acknowledgement of Truth
  3. All Blues
  4. All I Hear Is Snow
  5. Am I Second
  6. At Last
  7. Baby, I'm King
  8. Big Al's Theme
  9. Bye Bye Blackbird
  10. Capsized Jackknifed Crisis
  11. Chicago Eddie
  12. Commitment
  13. Cranes of Prey
  14. Dance of the Grebe
  15. El Born
  16. Expressions
  17. Fan Mail
  18. F'd Over Jesus
  19. God's Gonna Cut You Down
  20. Grace
  21. Great Civilizations
  22. Horus and the Pharaoh
  23. Humility
  24. I Hate the Way You Walk
  25. Integrity
  26. Karma
  27. The Last Hard Men
  28. Life Begins Again
  29. Loki Cat
  30. Loki Cat Reprise
  31. Love Is Real
  32. A Love Supreme Part 1
  33. Lullabye
  34. Magick Moon
  35. The Most Powerful Man in the World
  36. Newerwaves
  1. No One Can Tell
  2. Nothing's Ever Easy
  3. Owed to Darryl
  4. The Parable
  5. Pinda
  6. Play in the Clouds
  7. Prana
  8. P.S.A.
  9. Psalm for John
  10. Pursuance and Persistence
  11. Resolution of Purpose
  12. Robo Sleep
  13. Sad Reasons
  14. Satan's in the Manger
  15. Serrated
  16. Service
  17. Shakin'
  18. Sleep
  19. Sloth
  20. Softly
  21. Sona
  22. Spider Love
  23. Streetcrawler
  24. Sugar
  25. That Very Night
  26. Thoughts of Days Long Past
  27. Tightrope Situation
  28. Time Shift
  29. Tracey Jayney Girl
  30. Tuna Town
  31. U Wanna Rock (Go to the Quarry)
  32. When Candy Comes
  33. When the Longing Goes Away
  34. Who Made You Do It?
  35. Who Made You Do It? (v.2)

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