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The list is split up into eight categories, which should be mostly self-explanatory ("covers" refers to songs written by other bands & covered by TSP, Zwan, or a solo member, "side projects" are songs by other bands that had contributions by TSP members, or are mashups of TSP songs, etc.). Additionally, you can search by songwriter credits (note: these are based on BMI registration records where published, liner notes where not registered, and may be blank in other cases, even if "obvious"). Other writer credits (including co-writer searches, e.g. Billy + James) can be found by using the search page.

Once a song type or writer is chosen, "shortcut" links will appear underneath, which set certain commonly-used search criteria- the double pipes delimit sets that go together (i.e. "show/hide alt. titles", "show released/unreleased/all songs"). Due to limitations of the code, each song can currently only be assigned to one type, thus any non-released Zwan-era songs which Billy is using in his solo career will be listed under 'BC solo', just as some early Marked songs (i.e. Sun & Spiteface) were appropriated & used under TSP. So if you're browsing under Zwan & can't find something, check under BC solo, or switch to 'all songs'.

Most covers listed here contain the original lyrics. Some lyrics include stage banter from particular live performances. Notes and band comments are included where available.

Alternate and commonly used incorrect titles are marked with an asterisk (*) and point to another entry. Some of these entries may have different lyrics (i.e. "Disco King," "Virex," etc.), which are linked underneath the "normal" lyrics.

Search results  (JI Solo, released, not played live, writer: [no record], hide alt. titles):
  1. 3:30p.m.
  2. 4人の風景 (yonin no fuukei - Scenery of 4 People)
  3. 4th Of July
  4. 愛の真夏 (Ai no Manatsu - Midsummer of Love)
  5. ある日の昼下がり (aru hi no hirusagari - Early Afternoon One Day)
  6. Baby Man
  7. Big Sleep
  8. Box 36
  9. Cat Walk
  10. Cowboy X
  11. Dark Star
  12. Diamond Eyes
  13. Dream Tonight
  14. Falling
  15. Friends
  16. Hands
  17. ひいらぎ祭 (hiiragi matsuri - Holly Festival)
  18. 放課後 (houkago - After School)
  19. I
  20. I Just Happen to Know
  21. 風に吹かれて (kaze ni fukarete - Blown by the Wind)
  1. 恵と響子と望 (kei to kyouko to nozomi - Kei, Kyoko and Nozomi)
  2. Let it Fade
  3. 眩い午後 (mabayui gogo - Dazzling Afternoon)
  4. Murphy
  5. My Advice
  6. Never Ever
  7. オープニングタイトル (Opening Title)
  8. Quick, Painless & Easy
  9. 蝋燭を灯して (Rousoku wo tomoshite)
  10. Shine Your Light
  11. Signs
  12. スカート (Skirt)
  13. ソンの夢 (son no yume - Son's Dream)
  14. A String Of Words
  15. 大切な時間 (taisetsu na jkikan - Important Time)
  16. TBL
  17. Up to the Sun
  18. Waves
  19. 優しい時間 (yasashii jikan - Gentle Time)
  20. You Can't Escape
  21. 夕暮れの帰り道 (yuugure no kaerimichi - The Evening Road Home)

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