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[Hello] [speak & spell?]

Here's a name you cannot forget
Her name is Glynis, yes
And with these tears of respect
Conforms a sadness
For anyone who's ever lost
One who's dearest, and the love of a friend

On our worried knees
Given to all beliefs
Scarecrows and disease haunt us all
Ooh, bury your heads in the sand
Ooh, bury your heads

So have we stumbled from grace
Are we being punished for fate
My god is subtle and great
He can't be wounded
By the gossip and the hate of the frightened
Who took their paths on the sand, yeah

Fear that grips us all
Gives us an awful sound
Can't help anything but ourselves
Ooh, bury your head in the sand
Ooh, bury your head, yeah
Ooh, bury your head

Ooh, I believe in one love
Ooh, I believe in one love
Ooh, I believe in one love
Yeah, yeah


Spring 1993 - Soundworks
Fall 1992 - Chicago Studio [?]


Pisces Iscariot   (buy [])
Rarities and B-Sides   (buy [])
No Alternative   (buy [])
Retail Vision: Alterna-Vision Volume 40
No Alternative   (buy [])

Fish Jam
The Lost Songs
Non Album Songs (aka Non Album Tracks)
Quiet and Other Songs
Rarities Vol. 2
Rhinoceros Daydreams

total: 11 (5 on official releases, 6 boots)

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Writing Credits
Billy Corgan



While largely identical to the No Alternative version, the "2012 Mix" on the Pisces Iscariot deluxe reissue has some noticeably different vocal takes, including Billy laughing as his voice nearly breaks.

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