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Frail and Bedazzled

"written for the monolith in 92-- we just never got around to investing the proper time into this lullabye we recorded this in about 1 hour, and i wished we had spent more time, but ... another message(*2) from the me vs. rock file. wrote these lyrics in the parking garage where i used to live/rehearse. it was very cold in there- but quiet. you could hear the squaking tires at night, sounded like ghosts or something, but i wrote this message from me to me to you. infinite lost at word sea."

"frail and bedazzled owes a great debt to the band skunk, with whom i ripped part of this song off. skunk was probably the greatest band that i ever knew/saw that is virtually unknown-even less than the frogs. frogs. skunk. i miss skunk." -BC (PI liner notes)



say, now listen here
i wanna be oh-so clear
i lost myself
and lost i'll stay
between my friends and my malaise
and here i am, frail
frail and bedazzled from all the glare

tug at my sleeve
my little girl, sweet Marie
she don't know how bad i am
stole my smile from a Cheshire cat
and all i wanted was to be happy
and since i've gave up
i feel free
i feel free
i feel free
i feel free

two of us less dangerous
it's all inside our heads
givin' in for nothin' less
leavin' me for you

try to understand
the ones i love and their demands
it's so unfair when they can't see
that i'm the boy that really needs
their love has failed

frail and bedazzled from all the
frail and bedazzled from all the
frail and bedazzled from all the glare


Dec 1992 - Mar 1993 - Triclops Sound Studios
Fall 1992 - Chicago Studio [?]


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Billy Corgan



Nearly 17 years after Pisces came out, Billy has finally let loose the correct lyrics! While we'd come a long way from "she don't know that I am still a slob from a trashyard can" there were still a few lines that were wrong. So, here it is, folks! -2011/09/13

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