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"Pelican was really funny...I messed around with every effect pedal Billy had turning the knobs and pressing pedals randomly while he played guitar. I always laughed about this song as Billy insisted it was about my girlfriend (at the time) Mary Beth, but it wasnt."

- Ron Roesing, June 2006



fly above me when your listening
you can fly but i'm not jealous
prehistoric in your features
pink flamingos don't compare

you're the bird the old of wisdoms
sorting out the things you'll hear
feeding off the other creatures
getting old - just beware

pelican, pelican
pelican, pelican, pelican (you think so)
pelican, pelican
pelican, pelican, pelican (you wish)

set in the skies and your eyes are glistening
driving into your waters above
flying buzz, a flask to indulge you
your wings are clipped your hands in glove

spinning with the flock your needing
sitting on the telephone poll
pretty white wings on your beaches
no competition with those seagulls

pelican, pelican
pelican, pelican pelican (ah, you think so)
pelican, pelican
pelican, pelican pelican (ah, you wish)
you wish

pelican, pelican
pelican, pelican


The Marked Demo Recordings Mar 85 - Jan 87
The Marked Aug '86



Lyrics and Music by Ron Roesing and Billy Corgan.
Lead vocals by Ron Roesing, backup vocals by Billy Corgan.

Recorded in Saint Petersburg, Florida in a rented attic space on Billy's 4 track.

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