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"A new theme (think Russian art film/Tarkovsky). A short demo, ornate and all, led to a heavier version (think late 70's British metal). No go. Broke riffs over and over till the right one popped (think sick party anthem for a dying world). I'm guessing this shoves 'SOLARA' out of the way." -BC, SP Nexus 2014-04-13

"We harkened back to those titans that found a pile-driving figure gets the people moving, and back engineered the why of what they might do. This led to a Shredder solo, and a leaner-meaner middle 8. Hail Van Halen, ZZ Top, KISS, Pantera..." -BC, 2014-04-19

"I mentioned to Jeff that the best thing to do was keep hacking at it. So in short order: a re-arrangement, a new verse melody, with the original verse moved to the simmering middle 8. Now we just need DLR (of VH) to show me how it's done and I'm good. For those mean streets never change." -BC, 2014-04-21






Song discussed on the official SP site in spring 2014, possibly slated for one of the 2 albums planned for 2015.

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