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Love to Love You

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"We love, a kind of gospel drum driving this shuffled Sab/Scorps riff." -BC, SP Nexus 2014-04-03

"He of the menacing gait and snide lyricisms. he of the drooling swing. Attractive open: check; engaging story: check, decent b-section: check; solid-anthem of a back chorus: umm no. So we went digging for another idea that had the guitar playing a triplet 3 over the 4/4, and with a little grease and tempo gymnastics I guessed we're in the neighborhood of rock Valhalla." -BC, 2014-04-09

"Went down a blind alley by speeding it up and losing the Scorps-shuffle." -BC, 2014-04-10






Song discussed on the official SP site in spring 2014, possibly slated for one of the 2 albums planned for 2015.

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