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The Dream Machine

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Happenstance happens to you
You don't want to know who my friends were
But you now need to ? fuck the star

Down on the blackened ground
Please don't want me crawling when you say
Down on these ?
As we've been lost as ? this way
? between these eyes

On the dream machine
On the dream machine

My ship takes me
Oh stop what you will while you still can
On the ? move on shining light
? need to kill ourselves so we all stand a chance

Down on the blackened ground
Watched them coming faster ?
? you just walk

? body out
? body out
In the eyes I can stop
? body out

On my radio
On my stereo
On my telephone
I feel so alone
On my radio
On my telephone
On my radio
I feel so alone

? when you cry, cry, cry
? you die, die, die
What do they want?

On the dream machine
On the dream machine

In all your dreams you cry, cry, cry
All of your monsters who turn on ?
It's okay

Can we get out of here?
Doubts the voice of fear
It's all that you said you'll pray
Can we get out of here?
Doubts a voice of fear
It's all been such a pain
Feel the rain

And I'm a damn fool
No way
And never travel alone
? death machine
And every single day
There's no real hope for you
And every single song
? is here alone
With you alone

Rock star, rock star
Rock star, rock star
Fuck you, you fuck everyone

Alt. Titles/Lyrics

Black Sunshine


Oceania 3D in NYC   (buy [])


BMI Number

Writing Credits
Billy Corgan



Originally titled "Black Sunshine." First mentioned by Billy Corgan in a tweet on September 22, 2012, and played for the first time later that day in Mexico City during the first night of the band's North American Oceania tour. According to a November 2012 interview with Nicole Fiorentino, "Black Sunshine was an idea we had when writing for Oceania. It didn’t make the cut at that time, but it has evolved a lot since then." On December 1, 2012 the song was announced as "The Dream Machine." Lyrics transcribed from the 2012/12/04 performance in Columbus, Ohio. The lyrics differ slightly in different performances.

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