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Teeth falling out in my dreams... I think it means I miss you
Sheets tearing off at the seams, that's when I leaned and kissed you
It's so dry here, but everybody looks like rain
I could die here with no one even knowing my name

Plates piling up in the sink, I think it means I'm lazy
Head pouring out at the shrink... sometimes I think I'm crazy
It's so fake here, and everybody acts the same
I could die here with no one even asking my name

I see clear skies pour out your eyes
Lightening strikes twice and I can see I'm failing you
You know I'm sorry love, and I know it's not enough

Old messages on the phone... I listen to remind me
Hope that by now I'd grown and left them all behind me
It's just time dear, and I'm the only one to blame
I could die here with no one even asking my name.


The Cold & Lovely: The Cold & Lovely   (buy [])

Writing Credits
Meghan Toohey



The Cold & Lovely song.

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