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"Well, it's a horrible video, I'll start there. The concept was, originally we were supposed to play in a very, very small red room. And when we got to the set that day, it was a very, very large red room. And we were like, what're we supposed to do? So the video is basically like, us being bored, um, most of the video. Literally, like us being bored on camera. At one point the record company wanted to release it as a single, and we're like "But the song's 5 minutes long", & they were trying to figure out how to edit it. That's kinda what I mean by the band's naivete, I mean- now you would say, that's a pretty good pop song, "she knows, she knows, she knows", good cat- good hook. We had no consciousness about time or length, we just would write the songs, & if they were 5 minutes long, or 7 minutes long, that's how long they were. That song is actually somewhat inspired by my first LSD trip. I was tripping my brains out for the first time, and- I was probably 22? 21? And uh, I had this prophetic, you know, this beautiful, inspired moment, I thought, "I must write this down." So I scribbled on a piece of paper this great insight, & I woke up the next day & I was like, "What was that thing that I scribbled down?" & it said, "Open your eyes to these mustard lies." So I actually put the line in the song." -BC, Matt Pinfield interview, Nov. 2011

"Idealism hidden amongst the ruins of a sentimental smear. Pandas, balloons, ice cream kids and cones; a knowing girl bats her eyelashes at you across the fairground. You know her, but you know she knows. But what is it that she knows about you? Secrets are held up for instant review, then blasted across the stratosphere with happy hope. No one is there to catch your dreams where they fall. Your dreams are all mustard lies, you see. You must open your eyes now to what you don't want to see." -BC, Gish 2011 re-issue liner notes



panda show
trees and balloons
ice cream snow
see you in june

could have known
i would reveal
should have known
i would conceal your way

she knows
and she knows, she knows, she knows
and she knows, she knows, she knows
how's it she knows, she knows, she knows
and she knows, she knows

color show
after the moon
i should go
see you in june
your way

and she knows
and she knows, she knows, she knows
and she knows, she knows, she knows
how's it she knows, she knows, she knows
and she knows, she knows

open your eyes to these mustard lies
open your eyes to these mustard lies
the way

and she knows
and she knows, she knows, she knows
and she knows, she knows, she knows
how's it she knows, she knows, she knows
and she knows, she knows, she knows


1989 - Reel Time Studios
Dec 1990 - Mar 1991 - Smart Studios (Gish recordings)


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