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Let Me Out [The Knack]

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One two three four

Let me out
Come and get me out
'Cause I've been stuck in for too long
Let me out out
Come get me out
Baby maybe be where I belong
The time is right
For stepping out in the light
My cup is full
And I'll be pulling the wool tonight

Let me out
Come get me out
You know that she don't understand
Let me out out
Come get me out
Baby I'm just living for the band
It's getting tighter
And I'm feeling the bite
But I don't care
Because I'm getting my share tonight
Tonight tonight tonight whoo

Let me out
Come get me out
I'm just a prisoner of your love
Let me out out
Come get me out
Baby I will never have enough
I guess I'm getting
While the getting is right
She may be faking
But I'm taking my chance tonight

Let me out



The Knack song, covered live by Tinted Windows.

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