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Format DOR Label ID Origin    
(digital) 2011-08-31 SPRC SPRC.0001/0002 US [1]  
(digital) 2011-09-10 SPRC SPRC.0003 US [2]  
(digital) 2011-10-11 SPRC SPRC.0004 US [3]  
(digital) SPRC Welcome Package 2011-10-17 SPRC SPRC.0001-0005 US [4]  
(digital) 2011-12-23 SPRC US [5]  

1. Drown 8-Track Demo   8:59   [1]   -   -   [4]   -  
2. Geek U.S.A. "Suicide Kiss Geek No Vox"   5:10   [1]   -   -   [4]   -  
3. Tulips "Barb Wire"   3:40   -   [2]   -   [4]   -  
4. Rhinoceros Version Two (Reel Time Sessions)   5:32   -   -   [3]   [4]   -  
5. Frail and Bedazzled BC Instrumental Home Demo   4:10   -   -   -   [4]   -  
6. Have Faithe, Be Merrie   2:14   -   -   -   -   [5]  

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  • First digital release from the Smashing Pumpkins Record Club (SPRC), launched on on August 31, 2011. The Drown 8-track demo can be obtained by entering your email address at the top (click the "Click for SPRC Information" circle at the top right) - after confirming, a link will be emailed- while the "secret" Geek USA demo "Suicide Kiss" can be had by clicking on the leftmost loudspeaker.
  • Second free "Easter Egg", downloadable on September 10, 2011 by clicking on/near the rat at the bottom left of the main page. The file was initially in m4a format (Apple lossless), but was changed to mp3 after fan confusion/complaints.
  • Third free download, put up on October 11, 2011. Accessible by clicking on the ring on the hand at the very top left (with the upside-down "50" on it). A new video from Billy about the song (Rhinoceros w/ organ solo from Reel Time Sessions) also appears (may require you to re-enter your email address in the "sign up" box if your cookies don't still indicate that you've already signed up).
  • A zip file named "SPRC Welcome Package", containing the first 4 downloads, plus an instrumental version of Frail & Bedazzled (not the same as the one slated to be on the re-issues), was given to anyone who pre-ordered the Gish and/or Siamese Dream re-issues from the SP web site.
  • Holiday song found while "digging through the vaults". Download link sent via email to SPRC members on 2011/12/23. MP3 file contains no track number, year, or artwork.

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