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Bullet With Butterfly Wings


Format DOR Label ID Origin    
CD (when sold in UK) 1995-10-23 Hut Records HUTCD63 UK [1]  
CD 1995-10-23 Virgin Records 7243 8 93198 2 8 UK [1]  
CD 1995-10-23 Hut Records HUTCE63 AU [2]  
CD 1995-10-23 Hut Records/Delabel 7243 8 933002 1 FR [3]  
CS / CD 1995-10-24 Virgin Records 8 38522 2 US [4]  

1. Bullet with Butterfly Wings   4:21   [1]   [2]   [3]   [4]  
2. ...Said Sadly   3:13   [1]   [2]   [3]   [4]  

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  • "... Said Sadly" is written by James Iha; it is a duet between James and Nina Gordon from Veruca Salt, and features a guest piano appearance by Keith Brown.
  • Both the US and UK versions of the CD were discontinued on the day of release.
  • The back cover of the US CD features a painting of a bomb falling on a orchestra of children. The UK version replaced this picture with a non-threatening horizon scene.
  • The Bullet single included in the Aeroplane Flies High Box Set also includes 5 additional cover tracks. Some stores (mostly used) apparently sell this single by itself, i.e. without the rest of the box set.

Pressing Info
  1. Unknown pressing quantity
    Unknown pressing quantity
  2. Unknown pressing quantity
  3. CD: Unknown pressing quantity
  4. CS: Unknown pressing quantity

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