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The "commercial" boots are unofficial releases, usually pressed by European companies. Most of these are live and widely-available recordings. Sorry, we do not sell these, nor do we have any information on where to find them, but pretty much any live recordings can be found- and downloaded- for free on the Live Music Archive.

Only pressed CDs released by actual companies (no fan-made burned CDRs) will be counted here. If you see a listing here that you know to be a burned fan-comp, please let us know.

The "non-commercial" entries are here to include information on items that ultimately came from the band, with or without their consent (i.e. "Friends & Enemies of Modern Music", "Adore Demos", etc.), which the commercial bootleg companies may not yet have gotten their hands on.

The bootlist is also cross-linked with the discography, tour history, and studio sessions, to indicate the source of the material, where available.

NOTE: Yes, this section is not entirely up-to-date. Now that most live recordings can be found for free on (see link above), we haven't felt the need to list every CD that bootleg companies have pressed. That said, if you really really want to find information on pressed-CD/vinyl bootlegs, you can see more of them on discogs or musicbrainz.

Search results:

  1. 11-10-88 demo tape
  2. 666
  3. Adore Demos I
  4. Adore Demos II
  5. Billy's Gravity Demos I
  6. The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music
  7. Machina Acoustic Demos
  8. The Marked Demo Recordings Mar 85 - Jan 87
  9. The Marked Aug '86
  10. The Marked Sept - Oct '86
  11. The Marked Attic Rehearsal (1986)
  12. The Marked Joliet Tape
  1. The Marked unknown tape
  2. Mashed Potatoes
  3. MCIS Demos I
  4. MCIS Demos II
  5. MCIS Demos III
  6. Nothing Ever Changes
  7. Pisces Iscariot + Friends
  8. Quiet and Other Songs
  9. Reel Time Sessions I
  10. Reel Time Sessions II
  11. Sequence IV
  12. Spun Unofficial Soundtrack

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