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Billy Corgan - Fender Stratocaster - Yellow Gish guitar (1974)

Billy's yellow hand-painted Gish Strat
Billy's yellow hand-painted Gish Strat

This was the main guitar Billy used for Gish. It was stolen, however, shortly after Gish was completed. His "new" 1974 Strat was used on Bullet with Butterfly Wings and also Muzzle, because the heavier wood gave it the basic Strat sound with a bit more bottom end.

In December 2010, Billy offered a $20,000 reward for the return of this guitar in a facebook posting, also mirrored at Kerry Brown's blog, saying this about the main Gish guitar:

I bought this [Gish backup] guitar around 1989 or 1990 because I needed a spare for playing live, and wanted an almost identical sound to go with my main one at the time which was an early 70's Strat (yellow that I hand painted). THAT guitar was the featured guitar on Gish and was probably my favourite guitar ever. It was stolen in 1992 out the back door of St. Andrews Hall in Detroit and has never resurfaced. I would still pay good $ to get that guitar back, no questions asked.

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