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Billy Corgan - Danelectro Coral electric sitar

Another electric sitar made by Danelectro in the 1967, this one has a specially designed "buzzing" bridge to better emulate the sitar sound, as well as 13 sympathetic "drone" strings. Since Danelectro didn't make very many of them (although they did make a left-handed version for Jimi Hendrix), and they became quite popular after heavy use in the 70s (and thus increasingly expensive on the resale market), several remakes have been made by Jerry Jones, Star's, and other companies.
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Mentioned by Billy on SPNexus on October 4, 2014, regarding '9 Planet Rock': "So I said to heck with guessing, and laid down a Coral Sitar guitar loop; over which was played a quick counter melody my new-old Crumar Bit-One rack keyboard. Schmantzy! My impetus to finally START making the album."

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