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Billy Corgan - Oberheim Stretch DX

Oberheim Stretch DX
Oberheim Stretch DX

Digital sample-based drum machine, which is a "stretched" version of the DX (with 4 extra samples), which is itself a stripped-down version of the DMX, the second-ever digital drum machine, released in 1981. The DMX and DX were used extensively in 80s rap and pop music, inclusing Run DMC, The Cure, Madonna, New Order, Herbie Hancock, et al.

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Mentioned on SP Nexus 2014-09-18: "[...] we ran all my old drum makers through a Helios pre and, after much mucky-muck about signal paths and volume we created a new sample library from about 12-14 units; the Oberheim Stretch DX being one of 'em. Think WHEN DOVES CRY or early rap or DEPECHE MODE '84 and you start to get the picture."

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