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Billy Corgan - Digitech Valve FX Guitar Pre-amp/Signal Processor

Digitech ValveFX
Digitech ValveFX

Five of these rack-mounted signal processors were used in Billy's 2000 Machina-era touring rig.

Here is a description of the unit from its manual:

The Valve FX combines the world’s most powerful digital signal processor, the S-DISC™ with real tube distortion or one of our three most popular solid state distortion types. These digital multi-effects are second to none, and when joined with the warmth and clarity of one of the best analog preamps on the market, the results are amazing. Special features of the Valve FX include:
• Full bandwidth effects (20-20kHz)
• 24-bit signal path, 48-bit internal data transmission
• Stereo processing
• Instant Module and Parameter access
• The Control One remote foot controller (optional)
• Programmable cabinet emulation for running direct to a mixing console (great for both studio and live applications)
• Front panel Presence control and headphone output
• Full MIDI implementation
• Built-in MIDI merging (MIDI output can act as a standard out or as a merged out)
• MIDI Transmit and Receive mapping
• All effects and parameters are available for MIDI continuous control with up to 10 CC links available per program

For the first time, all of your effects needs can be filled by a single unit with 16-bit digital clarity.

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