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Jeff Schroeder - Keeley True-Bypass Looper

Keeley True Bypass Looper
Keeley True Bypass Looper

Connects to another effect pedal to enable "true bypass" when the pedal is not being used- i.e. the signal passes directly through without any circuit load or buffering.
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When discussing his gear, Jeff said the following about buffers, and his use of the looper:

A buffer changes the signal coming out of your guitar from a high-impedance signal to a low-impedance one. What this allows you to do is make long cable runs without losing signal. Unfortunately, it changes the sound quite a bit. There’s a ton of stuff on the web talking about the pros and cons of all this. Many pedals–like all Boss pedals, but others as well–have buffers built into them. Some players hate what buffers do to their sound. That’s why over the last ten years or so, there has been such a craze towards “true bypass” pedals. Anyway… both Billy and I liked the sound of our amps when we plugged straight into them. Yet, playing a Pumpkins gig with no effects wasn’t a realistic option. Eventually, I figured out I could use three Keeley true bypass loopers and reach what I feel is a fair compromise. If I have all three loops turned off, I have pure, un-buffered signal.

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