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Nicole Fiorentino - Moolon Distortion

Moolon Distortion pedal
Moolon Distortion pedal

Nicole's facebook profile lists Moolon Distortion among her gear.
[product page]

From the description:

The Moollon Distortion fully reproduces the core of a thick and straight distortion sound with natural harmonics you can get when you crank up tube/non master volume amplifiers from the 1950s and 1960s. Dist, Volume, and Tone controls organically interact so treble increases as Dist gets dirtier, which is the characteristic behavior of the tube amps - treble increases with volume level. You can get the same distortion sound of a cranked up tube amp even at a low volume level. The Moollon GW 109S Buffer Circuit minimizes the ground noise, electrostatic noise, and mechanical noise(popping) from the switch by transforming the input signal into a low impedance output signal.

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