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Billy Corgan - Analogman Beano Boost

Analogman Beano Boost
Analogman Beano Boost

A "not really distortion" / "not a clean boost" pedal by Analogman, based on the old Dallas Rangemaster, which Billy has also mentioned recently (during Oceania recording). The "Beano" name comes from the cover of the John Mayall Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton album, in which Clapton can be seen reading a "Beano" comic, as it is thought that he used the Rangemaster on that album to get his unique tone. That album is also credited as the first with a major use of a Les Paul/distorted Marshall amp combo.
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Tweeted by Billy on 2011/09/05: "Bat strat>Companion wah>Beano Boost>vintage Orange head=happy Labor Day everybody"

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