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Billy Corgan - Marshall 1960BC 4x12 straight cab

Billy's 1960BC, signed w/ promo flat
Billy's 1960BC, now signed, w/ MCIS promo flat (ebay pic)

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100W, 16ohm speaker cabinet with four 12" speakers.
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One of Billy's 1960BCs from the MCIS tour went up on the Pumpkins' official eBay account on July 27, 2011 and ended on August 4th with a final bid of $922.76, but the reserve was not met. A piece of masking tape on the back reads "offstage bottom", indicating there were likely more than 1 of these. The Marshall logo on the front has been removed, and the cabinet painted silver. The accompanying text read as follows:

Marshall 1960 BC 4X12 Straight Cabinet. 100 Watts, 16 Ohms. Serial #1037. Used by Billy Corgan on the 1995-97 Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Tour. Cabinet has been painted silver for the Mellon Collie tour. Unit is in full working condition and does not come with any cables or manuals. A certificate of authenticity is included.
The cabinet was put back up on ebay on 2011/08/18, this time signed by Billy and including a signed MCIS promo flat. The auction ended on August 25, with a final bid of $2000.

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