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Mike Byrne - Ludwig kit

Mike's drum kit
Mike's drum kit

Here's a shot of a minimal Ludwig kit in the studio for Teargarden (possbily the setup used for Song For a Son), consisting of a 26" kick, snare, floor tom, hi-hat & 3 Zildjian cymbals, posted on Kerry's blog on 2009/09/15. He discusses the miking quite a bit there, click thru for more details, or check the individual mic listings here.

When asked about the minimal kit, Kerry commented the following:

We are going for a different drum kits/sounds for each song. When you have a lot of toms up that are not being used you can run into odd overtones that mess with the overall drum sound... [...] so, if there are say three toms that are not being used for a song we are not setting them up. It makes it easier to mic the kit and we don't have to worry about as many phase issues not to mention overtone or tuning oddness. but of course there is no right or wrong it all about what vibe and tone you are going for to best support the song.

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