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Billy Corgan - Selmer TruVoice Amplifiers

Selmer Zodiac Twin amp, from Kerry's blog video

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Billy and co. used some vintage Selmer TruVoice tube amps while recording Adore, in an effort to be different by using entirely new/different equipment. They were reportedly also used on Machina and MachinaII. Selmer amps were produced from 1958 through the early 1970's and, while widely used by up and coming bands, were not as "popular" as Vox amps and not as successful (though some would argue they were of higher quality). Yes, this is the same Selmer music that makes trumpets and clarinets for the high school band. Selmer amps are no longer manufactured.

A Selmer TruVoice Zodiac Twin combo amp (ca. 1963-65) can be seen in a twitter video on Kerry Brown's blog on 2009/09/28, in which he and "Professor Psychedelic" (Mark Tulin) answer some fans' questions about equipment. Selmer is also mentioned by Billy on twitter on 2011/06/24 as part of a list of 11-12 amp heads they were going through to prepare for the guitar tracking on Oceania.

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