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2002-04-08 - Galaxy; St. Louis, MO, US

Known Recordings

Src Fmt Pos Len Cmp Srfc Equipment
AUD DAT side 110m ? Y DPA-4060 > Battery Box > M1
10 ft. from right stack
Download this recording at
Download this recording at
AUD DAT FoB 110m ? N/? CSHEB > Battery Box > M1
AUD DAT FoB 110m ? N/? CSBmod > M1
10 ft. back from stage
AUD DAT side 110m ? N/? AT853 > SPbox > M1
mic stand, right stack
AUD DAT side 110m ? N/? DAC > DA-120F > TCD-D100
mic stand, right stack
AUD DAT side 110m ? N/? DPA-4023 > PS-2 Power Supply > Zefiro Inbox > TCD-D8
3 ft. from right stack. on a pillar
AUD MD FoB 110m ? N/? ECM-907 > MZ-R55
left of SBD

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Venue Info

1227 Washington Ave, St Louis, MO (map)
Postal Code

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