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1998-10-31 - Dodger Stadium; Los Angeles, CA, US
stage banter
Announcer (imitating Ed Sullivan):
Ladies, ladies and gentlemen, right here tonight on this big stage we've got a really big show. Would you please welcome, the Beatles!
Before Cash Car Star (abandoned):
Hi y'all! Happy Halloween, from the Pumpkins. That sounds so wrong. Nice to see you all, hope you have a good Halloween, be happy, be safe. Love you. Thank you.
Before Cash Car Star:
Halloween. Heh-heh, it's got us too.
You know Halloween...
Her whole guitar is tuned wrong, uh, somebody...
Halloween is, uh, not known as a, uh time for giving and...
Tell some jokes, James.
Halloween is not known for a time of giving, and for giving, you will now forgive us for not having one of our guitars tuned properly. And uh, I'm sure KISS has had tuning problems over the years and we've had ours. So we're going to rock you at any moment, once we get the right phase.
Oh yeah, thanks to KISS for having us play with them.
Why I remember when I used to trick or treat...
Hottest band in the land, KISS!!
Yes, yes, that holds true today, yes. Why I remember when I used to treat or treat as a child, oh what joy it was for me. I was a young man back then. And, uh, any moment we're going to have that bass. And, uh...what's your favorite costume? My favorite costume was (unintelligible). [bass riff] Now I hear the sounds of a D-Drop bass. So now you may all join us and rock.
After X.Y.U.:
KISS is up next. Rock.
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