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1995-08-25 - Reading Festival site; Reading, UK
stage banter
before start:
Good evening.
before zero:
Good fucking evening. Happy to back in your lovely country.
before bullet:
Hey. Thanks. Sorry these are all new songs. So this next song is another new song so when it comes to the chorus, you know, sing along. I know you don't know it.
We'd like to thank... We'd like to say thank you to everyone for supporting us despite your fucked up media. All I know is the media says one thing and you say another and we thank you for that.
before geek usa:
Thank you, thank you so much. We realize we're playing a lot of new songs, but we didn't think you'd want to hear the sad old fuck ones. That's exactly why we're going to play some.
before ruby:
There's some, {mumbled} some water. I don't need it. Your welcome.
after cherub:
God bless you. Thank you.
back out on stage for encore:
Hey, thanks again. You guys have been really good. I know we've been playing a lot of new songs from our, our NEW ALBUM! But, um, we're glad you're appreciative and supportive. Thanks. That's why we're going to play an old one now.
We'd like to play a couple more songs. Thank you once again. It's a, it's a great honor to be here with you tonight. And uh, we appreciate it, very much. {chord} And we don't hate you. {chord} We love you. We love you people. WE LOVE YOU!
I know you want Blur and Oasis to have a fight, fighting match on stage right now, but we're only Americans. Sorry.
It's alright the guy from Oasis sucked my cock before the show, James, so..
The amazing thing was, was it was GOOD!
Oh my.
before x.y.u.
So we'll see you soon and we hope, hope to be back in like March or April. Try not to listen to our new album on drugs cause you won't make it through it. It's really long, it's like seven hours long, it comes with a video. Just kidding.
leaving stage:
God bless you! Enjoy the weekend! See you soon.
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