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1992-09-08 - Espace Ornano; Paris, FR
[after Rocket]
Hello again. Are you ready to rock? Well here's another slow song. This is called 'Hello Kitty Kat'
[after Window Paine]
Thank you very much. And we play for you next, a rock ballad
What? Speak English
[after Spaceboy]
Thank you so much, so much. It's good to be out in France again... no, back in America we'd be doing nothing much so it's good to be out in Paris, see all the Parisians, we love you. I can't really think of anything else to say to you people except sweat more and smoke some more and make the room even hotter and we'll all die in a fiery building... listen to the gnomes
[after Tristessa]
What do you want to hear? No, turn off those bright lights
[after I Am One]
We have now downtuned for you
This is a song from a movie
[after Drown]
That song is of course from a film called 'Singles', it's based on the life of Matt Dillon. That was called 'Theme From Eddie Vedder'... I should learn how to speak French I suppose
You would never wear dresses
Je suis un grunge
Je suis possant. This is called 'I Fucked You In The Eiffel Tower'
Ah yeah, c'mon baby give me what I want... boujour, hello ... avec moi, avec ??
[after Siva]
..then we'll do some dancing for you. Steven in his homeland is number one dancer, he's just a little shy though. He wants to dance not to rock
Voulez-vous couchez avec moi ce soir? Er no
[after instrumental jam]
Iha [shouts]:
I hate you motherfuckers!
We're very sorry, we apologise, we will never come back here again
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