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1992-01-19 - Paard van Troje; Den Haag, NL
[after Rocket]
Hello... (irritated) why why, just shut them off, just shut them off, fuckin' hell
[after Bury Me]
Dank you
Hey c'mon, hey listen
[after Tristessa]
Corgan (screams):
Arghhhhhhhh! Anybody got any wine? Wine? Y'know, wine? This is water, I wish this was wine... If I give this to you, you're just gonna throw it at me
[after Window Paine]
Tonight... tonight's key word is 'rock', rock, r-a-w-k, prog rock. No, not heavy shit, just talk
Yes, far out man...sucka! No shit... goddamn it
[after I Am One (drum intro)]
I don't wanna play 'I Am One'
[after Luna]
It don't matter
[after I Am One]
Sorry we're in outer space if you understand what that means. We're having trouble being 'here' as opposed to 'there', if you know what that means
Dank you. Yes, we are a truly shitty American band
We're the worst band in America, that makes us the best
[after Silverfuck]
We will attempt to play some more and muster out some energy. This next song is in tribute to Jethro Tull, if any of us know who Jethro Tull is, a good friend of ours. He's here tonight, if you can pick him out, Mr. Jethro Tull, we dedicate the song to him
This is the only other song we know so we hope you like it
[after Blue]
Thank you
This is absolutely the last dumb fuckin' song we know
That's verbatim... play it boys
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