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The list is split up into six "types," which should be self-explanatory. Once a song type is chosen, "shortcut" links will appear underneath, which set certain commonly-used search criteria- the double pipes delimit sets that go together (i.e. "show/hide alt. titles", "show released/unreleased/all songs"). Due to limitations of the code, each song can currently only be assigned to one type, thus any non-released Zwan-era songs which Billy is using in his solo career will be listed under 'BC solo', just as some early Marked songs (i.e. Sun & Spiteface) were appropriated & used under TSP. So if you're browsing under Zwan & can't find something, check under BC solo, or switch to 'all songs'.

Most covers listed here contain the original lyrics. Some lyrics include stage banter from particular live performances. Notes and band comments are included where available.

Alternate and commonly used incorrect titles are marked with an asterisk (*) and point to another entry. Some of these entries may have different lyrics (i.e. "Disco King," "Virex," etc.), which are linked underneath the "normal" lyrics.

Search results  (zwan, played live, hide alt. titles):
  1. A Certain Kind of Change
  2. Ah! the Moonlight
  3. A New Poetry
  4. Baby, Let's Rock!
  5. Candy Came Calling
  6. Cast a Stone
  7. Chicks
  8. Chrysanthemum
  9. Come with Me
  10. Consumed
  11. Declarations of Faith
  12. Desire
  13. Diamonds
  14. Dust My Broom
  15. El Sol
  16. The Empty Sea
  17. Endless Summer
  18. Exodus [Marley]
  19. For Your Love
  20. Freedom Ain't What It Used to Be
  21. The Girl with the Cruel Face
  22. The Girl with the Sad Face
  23. Glorious
  24. God's Gonna Set This World on Fire
  25. Heartsong
  26. Here I Am
  27. Honestly
  28. How Things Are Supposed To Be
  29. I Held a Rose
  30. I Know My Time Is Coming Round
  31. Jesus, I [Lyte]
  32. Love Lies in Ruin
  1. Lyric
  2. Mary Star of the Sea
  3. My Dream
  4. My Life and Times
  5. Never Give Up
  6. Of a Broken Heart
  7. On the Meaning of Loss
  8. Permanence
  9. Pony Express
  10. Revolve
  11. Ride a Black Swan
  12. Ring the Bells
  13. Rivers We Can't Cross
  14. Roma Girl
  15. Roxy
  16. Settle Down
  17. The Shining Path
  18. Signal This Strong
  19. Silly Sally
  20. Solace and Serenity
  21. Song for Judy
  22. Sorrow
  23. Spilled Milk
  24. The Spy Tra La
  25. Time Don't Need Me at All
  26. To Wonder, To Suffer
  27. Wasting Time
  28. Whatever, Whenever
  29. What Have They Done to Me
  30. W. P.
  31. Yeah!

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