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The list is split up into six "types," which should be self-explanatory. Once a song type is chosen, "shortcut" links will appear underneath, which set certain commonly-used search criteria- the double pipes delimit sets that go together (i.e. "show/hide alt. titles", "show released/unreleased/all songs"). Due to limitations of the code, each song can currently only be assigned to one type, thus any non-released Zwan-era songs which Billy is using in his solo career will be listed under 'BC solo', just as some early Marked songs (i.e. Sun & Spiteface) were appropriated & used under TSP. So if you're browsing under Zwan & can't find something, check under BC solo, or switch to 'all songs'.

Most covers listed here contain the original lyrics. Some lyrics include stage banter from particular live performances. Notes and band comments are included where available.

Alternate and commonly used incorrect titles are marked with an asterisk (*) and point to another entry. Some of these entries may have different lyrics (i.e. "Disco King," "Virex," etc.), which are linked underneath the "normal" lyrics.

Search results  (covers, unreleased, on boots):
  1. All the Young Dudes [Bowie]
  2. Always [Berlin]
  3. Auf Wiedersehen [Cheap Trick]
  4. Baby Loves to Rock [Cheap Trick]
  5. Beautiful People [Marilyn Manson]
  6. Boys Don't Cry [Cure]
  7. Colorado [Stills]
  8. Crystal Blue  *
  9. Death Don't Have No Mercy [Davis]
  10. Eight Miles High [The Byrds]
  11. Emotional Rescue [Rolling Stones]
  12. Fire [Jimi Hendrix]
  13. Firestarter [Prodigy]
  14. The Fishes  *
  15. Fishing Blue  *
  16. Freedom [Richie Havens]
  17. Help! [Beatles]
  18. I Feel You [Depeche Mode]
  19. I Love to Sing My Ballad, Mama [Andersen]
  1. I'm Free [Who]
  2. The Jean Genie [Bowie]
  3. Kooks [Bowie]
  4. Living After Midnight [Judas Priest]
  5. Love Is a Battlefield [Knight/Chapman]
  6. Love to Love [UFO]
  7. Melissa [Allman Bros]
  8. Never Say Never [Romeo Void]
  9. Ol' 55 [Tom Waits]
  10. Once in a Lifetime [Talking Heads]
  11. Out of Focus [Blue Cheer]
  12. Paranoid [Black Sabbath]
  13. Some Kind of Wonderful [Grand Funk Railroad]
  14. Stay [U2]
  15. Stonehenge [Spinal Tap]
  16. Stray Cat Blues [Rolling Stones]
  17. Sunday Bloody Sunday [U2]
  18. Sunshine of Your Love [Cream]
  19. Tequila [The Champs]

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