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Alone Inside

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when, i want to see
to see you alone inside
when, we mean to be
to be alone inside
i can hear, hear you
calling me so far away
i don't see, don't see
don't see you nothing today

when we walk, we walk
and dream of days ahead
when we talk, we talk
and speak what we cannot
what we cannot say
what cannot say
cannot say

i don't let, unless
unless you, without a heart
time will come for us
for us and a brand new start
a brand new start
brand new start
brand new start

when will i see
see you alone inside
when we mean to be
to be alone inside
alone inside
i hear you
alone inside
so far away
i see you
why won't you


The Marked Aug '86



Song by The Marked. Vocals by Billy Corgan.

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