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The Trolley Song [Martin/Blane]

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with my high starched collar and my high topped shoes
and my hair piled high upon my head,
i went to lose a jolly hour on the trolley and lost my heart instead
with his light brown derby and his bright green tie,
he was quite the handsomest of men,
i started to yen, so i counted to ten, then i counted to ten again

"clang, clang, clang," went the trolley,
"ding, ding, ding," went the bell
"zing, zing, zing," went my heart-strings,
for the moment i saw him i fell
"chug, chug, chug," went the motor,
"bump, bump, bump," went the brake,
"thump, thump, thump," went my heart strings,
when he smiled, i could feel the car shake.

he tipped his hat, and took a seat
he said he hoped he hadn't stepped upon my feet,
he asked my name, i held my breath,
i couldn't speak because he scared me half to death

"buzz, buzz, buzz," went the buzzer,
"plop, plop, plop," went the wheels,
"stop, stop, stop," went my heart strings,

as he started to leave i took hold of his sleeve with my hand
and as if it were planned
he stayed on with me and it was grand,
just to stand with his hand holding mine,
to the end of the line

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Words/music by Hugh Martin/Ralph Blane, performed by Judy Garland in "Meet Me in St. Louis".

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