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Asia Minor

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give me a secret
another secret

give me the jack down blazer fist
give me the rundown gossip fits
give me the black fish rotting core
give me the milk toast humble bore

give me the ancient chinese script
give me the pulsar teenager lips
give me the papers pedigree
give me the shoeshine anarchy

i think my head is going to explode
i think my mind is remote controlled
i think my body really hates me
i think i'm just a walking disease

give me the boombox bottle bitch
give me the tree trunk tangled witch
give me the babies missile child
give me the pistols molten miles


RIC OCASEK: Troublizing   (buy [])

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Written and produced by Billy Corgan for Ric Ocasek's album Troublizing, with some vocals by Billy Corgan.

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