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Every Morning

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Babes in the dark wings
Faun of the wood
Who wouldn't want to yearn
With given names writ
Upon the trunk of god
Where every rune's in gold
Where if you've traveled here, or far
A secret to discard
Without some change
And oh, I've stood behind those eyes as tired
Astride a soul alone

So face this valley, opine
There's one, one way home that's mine
And right back by your side I'll lead with you

We're so near to feel unwise
A penny'd heart could never expire
So if you know lay fast with me now
A requiem ourselves

There's lines to flee
And ages to reach
In chapters I conceive

Fade along, pale moon
Failed is our tune
A requiem ourselves
Fade along, pale moon
Failed is our tune
A requiem ourselves
A requiem ourselves
A requiem ourselves

In requiem we cry
In requiem we tried
In mortis, I might weep
In chapters I can't read


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