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The Good In Goodbye

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To dank doom/to dank fire
Into the black at heart
Anointed ones/provided sons
Who are the last to rule
Trade on, receivers/he a'int coming to
For far have I wandered at last
Into your bughouse ruse

'Round dead moon
To transpire
Behind the blast of an ark
We fed hearth
We draw dire
To the edge of fear
Lay down your winters
'lay down', cried faith
For once you've left as your father's son
You're blessed as the dove I face

We shine as we all shine on
Shine as we all shine

Trade on, deceivers
As sound removes the thorn
He's grown still and borne this great repast
It's into the coming
He's into the coming morn

Shine as we all shine
We shine as we all shine on
Shine as we all shine


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